If IQ bought my place

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If IQ bought my place

#1 Unread postby phlowersphan » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:57 am

I would invest in a building complex with my fraternity bro in DC, buy a car, and then buy a retirement condo which IQ could use at will

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Re: If IQ bought my place

#2 Unread postby Willy Wiggles » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:36 am

What about me


Can you not picture him and Papi in a Dominatrix porno??
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Re: If IQ bought my place

#3 Unread postby YoungRondo » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:38 am

Why don’t you help the poor people, not the rich ones, bro?